Statistics of blocked unwanted mail


Hourly statistics graph 16.6.2024

  Rejected   Rejected Blocked   Blocked Destroyed   Destroyed Delivered   Delivered
  Reference levels for the four last weeks:
  Average   Average Maximum   Maximum Minimum   Minimum      

Blocking statistics from past week

Blocking statistics 09.06. - 15.06.2024
 Blocked Junk Email 89,44%
 Remaining Email 10,56%
After blocking junk email
 Blocked Marketing Email/ Polls 87,11%
 Remaining Email 12,89%
After blocking marketing email
 Blocked virus 48,44%
 Cleared and Passed 51,56%

The content and updating of statistics

The SecMail® statistics are automatically updated at night time every 24 hours. The data consists of the total email traffic of all SecMail® customers.

Notice that not all SecMail® customers have activated total blocking of marketing emails and polls, whereupon, the marketing messages passing through to these customers are not presented in the charts as unwanted and blocked messages. Therefore the portion of total spam is actually larger than the statistics show.

Blocking of polling and marketing emails

SecMail® Email Security is easily customized to serve every user organization's needs. The user organization designates a SecMail® administrator who is authorized to contol the Email Security settings of the whole organization. When necessary, the administrator can also apply a total block on all incoming marketing & polling emails and social media messages in the Control panel at the SecMail® Customer Site.