Anti-virus for your email


SecMail® Email security scans incoming mail traffic for viruses and other harmful programs, and reliably prevents messages containing characteristics of viruses from passing the user's email traffic. SecMail® is a highly secure anti-virus system, because its servers are updated with the latest virus databases several times daily, and the anti-virus system uses a variety of different virus detection technologies simultaneously. What makes it extremely safe for the users is that the contaminated messages are blocked or deleted before even passing to the receiving mail server.

Elimination phases

Using SecMail® Email Security, most virus containing messages are already blocked in the spam prevention phase. This is due to the fact that most virus containing messages are sent through contaminated workstations, which send on mass mailings having all hallmarks of spam. After blocking messages determined as spam, SecMail® scans the remaining messages for viruses and finally eliminates the remaining contaminated messages from the email traffic. The following graph illustrates the SecMail® virus-detection phases, where the incoming mail comes from several users through the internet and passes through SecMail® service, and is only directed to the end-user after having gone through SecMail® Spam Prevention and Anti-Virus.

Handling of harmful messages

If a virus containing message passes through the spam prevention phase, it will be deleted in the anti-virus phase at the latest. The anti-virus phase detects viruses and harmful contents at the accuracy of almost 100 % by analyzing the content and comparing it to the latest virus databases. Harmful messages are deleted from the user's email traffic will not pass to the recipient's mail server.

Virus elimination phases

Anti-Virus Graph