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Email security

SecMail® is a comprehensive and unique spam prevention service. It also encrypts and protects the user company's email traffic and servers. In addition to tackling junk e-mail and messages that contain viruses, SecMail® users can flexibly define their own guidelines to block all unwanted email traffic.

The definition of spam isn't quite the same for everyone

In many cases, though, advertising or mailing list messages, as well as polling and surveys, etc. sent to recipients without asking permissions, can be defined as spam. Email addresses for these kinds of mailings are usually collected from particular marketing registers. Advertisers operating with good conduct, let recipients unsubscribe from their posting register after having received marketing email.

Saving time by tackling spam

However, in some cases unsubscribing has been made difficult or almost impossible: to cancel the spamming the recipient can be expected to draw up a separate email request or fill in complicated forms. Due to generally large amounts of incoming spam, the withdrawal effort may cost the recipient a considerably long time weekly. SecMail® offers a systematic way to prevent the receiving of unwanted emails on the recipient's own terms - not on the terms dictated by spammers.

A growing problem

Traffic in the Internet has increased year after year significantly partially due to the surge of spam: advertisements, polls, junk email and viruses. The constantly growing email traffic causes load that targets recipients' mail servers and connections, and costs to the recipients: The requirements for the receiving mail servers grow along with the growing email traffic and so does the time filtering important mail from the unwanted.

Blocking - not just filtering

Unlike a number of somewhat similar services SecMail® Email Security isn't just an email filtering service. SecMail® actually detects and blocks the spam in the transmission process and utterly prevents the receiving of it. Hereafter, typical email servers return the spam back to the sender followed by a delivery block message with SecMail®'s error description and instructions for requesting to cancel a potentially unjustified blocking.

Prevention -the responsible way of working

The traditional way of only filtering spam will not reduce the spamming phenomenon - but the prevention of it just might do that. By blocking messages instantly within the transmission process, the load transfers primarily on the sending servers, which increases the expenses of spamming and raises the requirements for the systems making the blocked mailings. Therefore preventing spam using SecMail® shifts the costs and problems caused by increased spam from the recipients back to the spammers themselves. The responsible way of preventing spam becoming more common it is likely that the number of businesses sending spam will decrease.

No more lost messages ending up in the junk mail box

With SecMail®'s unique approach, the user does not need a separate junk mail box nor will messages ever disappear mysteriously. A blocked message returns back to the sender presuming the sender's email system functions normally. The responsibility of getting valid messages through to the recipients lies always with the sender. However, having messages being blocked; the SecMail® user can effortlessly check the blocked email and, furthermore, simply release messages from blocking. Releasing a blocked email does not require the message being re-sent: The message will be delivered to the recipient as long as the release is done within a few days of the original transmission and the sender's mail server is operating normally.

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