For blocked senders

Blocked email

If your message has been blocked by SecMail® Email Security, we apologize for the inconveniency.

SecMail® service secures its users' email traffic by utterly blocking typical spam and viruses and also certain user-specifically classified unwanted mail, such as marketing email and polls. Nevertheless, if you feel that the blocking is unjustified, you can still have your message delivered to the recipient by releasing it from the block. You will find instructions for the unblock under "How Do I Get My Message Through?".

When SecMail® Email Security blocks messages; the sender always receives a notification from their own email server. The notification message informs the sender that the delivery of a sent email has been delayed or blocked and to whom the original email was intended to be sent to.

Possible causes of the block:

  • The recipient of the email (either a company or a person) may have out ruled communications with the sender of the email.
  • Due to data history, the email service provider or the server used for the blocked mailing may have been classed as an unnecessary or unwanted mail sender.
  • The sender of the blocked email may have sent a large quantity of messages to several different recipients, which suggests the email communication isn't personal and could be interpreted it to be irrelevant or suspicious.

How to get messages through

When your email has been blocked by SecMail® Email Security, you have received a notification about the delayed delivery from your mail server. Attached to the notification, you should have a notification from the SecMail® service:

Message delivery has been blocked. If you think this is an error, you can check the details and make a difference at

You can release the block by going to the web page stated in the notification. The message will be released after a few minutes of delay. When the delivery of the message has just been delayed you don't need to resend your original email, your mail server will carry out the resend automatically.

Please notice that each web address included in a delivery block notification is unique and can only be used to release the particular blocked email.

After releasing the message, it will be delivered to the particular recipient without delays, unless the recipient has defined your email as spam. The release of a single blocked message affects permanently how incoming email from your email address is dealt with within the SecMail® system. Usually one unblocking of a message is enough for the system to start qualifying you as a genuine and safe sender and, therefore, letting all your future emails pass the system to all of our other clients as well. The requirement for not getting blocked again, is that none of SecMail® clients experience your emails as unnecessary mass mail outs.

No received blocking notification but messages not going through

Each time a message is blocked, a notification message is sent to the sender of the blocked message, unless s a virus or other harmful program code has been detected in the blocked email.

The most common reasons for messages not going through without having received an error notification are human mistakes such as typing a wrong recipient email address or the recipient accidently deleting or moving the message to another folder. It's also common that the error notification message has arrived, but it hasn't been noticed since it's sent from the recipient's home mail server system. One might get many unnecessary messages from their mail server, and be accustomed to deleting them, without even reading their contents.

We recommend that you first resend your message and then check again for possible returned error notification from your own email server. If the problem hasn’t been solved, you can contact the SecMail® customer service. We will do our best to solve the problem.

To mass mailers

If the blocked message is a mass mail out such as a marketing message, a poll or other similar mail, please use the good old fashioned post instead. The SecMail® Email Security users are busy and would like to dedicate their email accounts for urgent mail only.

If you feel that your blocked mass mailing is indeed relevant and of overriding importance, you can contact SecMail® customer service where the urgency of the mailing can be looked into. In case of a necessary determined mailing, it can be possible to release data communications to all the users of the SecMail® service, unless they have defined a specific block for emails incoming from the particular sender.

Contact information

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