Encrypted and secure email

Email security

Protects organizations from cyber crime and
saves employees' time by blocking harmful and unwanted emails.

SecMail® is a comprehensive and unique email spam prevention service. It also encrypts and protects the user company's email traffic and servers. In addition to tackling common junk email and viruses, SecMail® allows users flexibly define their own guidelines in blocking all unwanted email traffic such as marketing emails and advertisements.

Unlike a number of somewhat similar services SecMail® Email Security isn't just an email filtering service. SecMail® actually detects and blocks the spam already in the transmission process and then utterly prevents the receiving of them. Hereafter, typical email servers return the email back to the sender followed by a delivery block message with SecMail®'s error description. The service user can also check the blocked messages from SecMail®'s easy to use interface and, furthermore, simply release messages.

Blocked emails

SecMail® Email Security system immediately informs blocked email senders about the blocking with an error description. The error is presented as delivery status information of the used mail protocol (SMTP), which any properly functioning email program will deliver to the sender of the blocked email. More information on blocked emails.

Secure email

Enables the sending and receiving of
confidential messages with complete safety.

During the transmission process a regular email moves between several different unknown email servers and in reality it is always vulnerable and exposed to eavesdropping. SecMail® Secure Email protects sensitive and confidential emails using TLS/SSL level encryption and a unique technology confirming the exclusive email recipients to the user and furthermore providing the user with the opportunity of receiving protected email replies.

This way Secure Emails, containing confidential business, competition, bidding or personal information are safe and remain untouched by unwanted parties. Secure Email is an essential tool for all organizations managing clients' or employees' personal data or any other confidential information through email traffic. In the social and healthcare branch Secure Email is a necessary tool for any email discussions concerning customers.

Using Secure Email is just as easy as using your regular email - in fact it can be used through any email program you're familiar with. After clicking "send" the protected message is saved at the SecMail® server using a TLS/SSL level encrypted connection. The recipient receives a key link which allows him to open the message at the SecMail® server. Furthermore the recipient can choose to save the message and it's attachments on his own workstation and reply to the original sender using the same SecMail® Secure Mail technique.

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Online Solutions Oy is a Finnish IT-company specializing in e-business, information security and hosting services. With our solid experience of 20 years we offer online service solutions focusing on the individual needs of each client. With us, strong knowhow, precise yet flexible product packages and proficient customer service, link together seamlessly to form a brilliant overall experience. Our customers value highly our support desk, which is quickly reachable by phone or email without any excess costs. Our job is to help our customers grow by applying today's electronic possibilities sensibly and efficiently in their businesses.

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We design and produce our services with our own software development systems, which are produced 100% domestically. Also the development tools used at Online Solutions are Finnish-made. In addition, our hardware and facilities are located physically on Finnish ground at our own premises.

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