Secure and encrypted email

Secure email allows the
sending and receiving of confidential
messages with complete safety

Secure email

Emails containing confidential business, competition or sensitive personal information, require a special level of security - also in the eyes of the law. For example processing the personal data of personnel or customers in unencrypted emails is restricted in the Finnish law conforming to the European legislation.

No hardware or software installations required

SecMail® Secure Email offers an efficient and user-friendly email protection technology. It is easily used through any email program or a simple web-based interface - requiring no software or hardware installations. The Secure Email service combines the conveniency of a standard email to the confidentiality of a traditional registered letter.

Strong protection of messages

Unlike standard email, in the transmission process SecMail® Secure Email isn't transfered across unknown mail servers in the Internet. Instead, the confidential message is held safe on the SecMail® server, allowing solely invited parties retrieve it. Retrieving is enabled over a TLS/SSL-level protected connection and through strong user authentication.

Easy and safe to use

Virtually, sending Secure Email is quite identic to sending standard email. It can be done using any email program, no hardware or software installations required. The difference is in the technology: Unlike a standard email, after clicking the send-button the Secure Email is downloaded safely and held on the SecMail® server, so it's not actually transferred to the recipient through unknown networks.

The recipient receives a notification of the Secure Email waiting to be retrieved. The message is retrieved by simply clicking the link in the notification, which directs the recipient (on the first time) to the SecMail® registration followed by signing-in and the SecAuth® user authentication. The user receives a session-specific password via SMS, which is needed to finish the sign-in process. After typing in the session-specific password the user is directed to his personal SecMail® Secure Email inbox, where the message is awaiting to be retrieved.

The sender receives notifications of the completed delivery and the opening of the Secure Email. To ensure information security the message is automatically deleted from the service within a specified time period. The recipient can easily upload the Secure Email and it's contents on his own hard drive using an extremely secure TLS/SSL encrypted connection. He can also reply to the message by simply clicking the reply-button. The reply process works the same way: the reply will be held safe at the SecMail® server, where it can be retrieved by the recipient.

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Strong security for sent and received emails

Inexpensive and easy to use

No hardware or software installations required

100% Finnish knowhow